PowerSI is widely recognized as the leader in silica enriched fertilizers

Premium additives to improve quality and yield.

Who We Are

Hey everyone, my name is Rex Gill. I founded PowerSI in 2016. As a grower, I saw a niche in the nutrients and additive market and I had a vision for the brand. I wanted to make products that I enjoyed using in my gardens, that I thought you guys would like to use as well.

We specialize in making high quality, concentrated additives that improve the health of your plants, your yields, and your crop quality. We put our products through rigorous testing before we bring them to market. Typically working on 1-2 products every 2 years, our process starts in the garden. I trial and use the products in my gardens and once I am satisfied with the results, I send them to a close group of friends who are trusted growers and will be brutally honest with me. Some of them grow for hash, others grow for flowers, some run large facilities, and some run 4 lighters. This gives us a broad range of gardens and growing styles to have our products tested in. This process has been vital for PowerSI and how we bring products to market.

Our Products

The cornerstone of every crop management program. Original is a proprietary concentrated silica matrix containing highly bioavailable micro and macro nutrients. It is a pure, highly concentrated formula with fast visible effects.

Bloom is a premium flower additive created by combining our proprietary silica matrix with a proprietary mix of plant extracts through a fermentation process. This process creates an entourage effect that is quickly seen in the garden resulting in better yields and crop quality.

Lush is a plant nutrient made from seaweed extract and soy protein hydrolysate. The nutrients encourage growth and flowering. The humic acids may aid in the uptake of micronutrients. Lush also corrects minor nitrogen and potassium deficiencies.

The most concentrated MSA based granular plant fertilizer in the world.Granular is an extended-release top-dress MSA but also contains other proprietary ingredients. These ingredients all play a key role in releasing locked up nutrients from the soil.

All-in-one broad-spectrum pesticide. Composed of Thyme Oil, Peppermint Oil, Cinnamon Bark Oil, and Castor Bean Oil, Insect Control is an effective treatment against garden sucking pests that can be used on any type of plant.

PK Synergy

PK Synergy is a specifically formulated microbial consortium of P and K solubilizing and mobilizing bacteria. It is scientifically proven that microbial nutrient immobilization is important in preventing nutrient loss when plant uptake is slow or inactive. This proprietary blend of several bacterial species increases P and K uptake during the bloom phase.

Start Liquid

Start Liquid is a revolutionary all-natural microbial blend specifically formulated to dramatically stimulate root growth. As a result, water and nutrient uptake are positively impacted resulting in healthy plants.

This all-inclusive and concentrated product should be used during vegetative growth.

Start Liquid should be used as a supplement to your regular feeding program.


Start is specifically formulated to be used during transplanting to establish root development and vegetative growth. Should be used as a supplement to your regular fertilizer program.

Start is an all-natural, diverse formula of beneficial microbes. It contains 4 highly concentrated species of endomycorrhizae and also nitrogen-fixing bacteria. These bacteria convert nitrogen into a usable form that is readily available to the plant.

Why Choose Power Si Products

Power Si Products are produced using the superior methods of MSA stabilization (patented matrix).

We work directly with the scientific team that holds patents and other IP rights globally (USA, Canada, EU, China, Russia)

We have the cleanest, most stable, and available form of MSA on the market and all of our products contain MSA to improve the uptake of other nutrients.

What Our Clients Say