Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Silicon is the second most abundant element in the Earth’s crust (about 28% by mass). It’s usually found in the form of complex silicate minerals and  rocks which are not easily assimilated by plants.

Only a very small proportion of the total silicon content is absorbed as “MSA” by the root system.

Recent research has proven it to be vital for optimal plant growth, strength, and resistance to plant stress. It has been reported that under certain conditions some plants (rice, sugar cane, wheat, bamboo) may absorb even more silicon than any other nutrient from the soil (even more than NPK’s!)

Nowadays, silicon is considered as the “limiting factor” for optimal crop yield and quality and MSA is the fastest, most effective way to deliver the optimal benefits of silicon to your plants.

Power Si is intended for use with any program you are already using.

In fact, it optimizes the effects of all other nutrients by acting as a transporter for other elements.

Think of it as a vehicle to help pull necessary elements and nutrients up through the root system and into the plant walls. This increases general plant strength, health, and nutrition.

  • Promotes thicker stalks and stems
  • Helps to reduce transpiration (loss of moisture through the leaves)
  • Helps to protect your crop against high heat, failing AC’s, etc.
  • Promotes increase brix levels
  • Helps improve end quality

PowerSI is pure, concentrated, and fast-acting, making it very cost effective.

The application rate of .5ml per gallon makes the cost per mixed gallon very reasonable. Bioactive silicon is easily absorbed by the plants. Many new products claim MSA since it is a trending technology. Not all MSA products are the same. It is all about the quality of the ingredients. Look at it like steak, there is a big difference between grass-fed beef and factory-farmed, antibiotic fed beef. PowerSI products have a positive interaction with microbial life unlike other silica products that contain high amounts of chlorides which will negatively impact your microbes. We have the highest quality MSA in the world and are much more cost effective than our competitors.

Power Si Products are produced using the superior methods of MSA stabilization (patented matrix).

We work directly with the scientific team that holds patents and other IP rights globally (USA, Canada, EU, China, Russia)

There are no middlemen involved and the supply chain has been optimized.

Furthermore, over time, the scientists have further improved the MSA matrix and its bioavailability. It isn’t always about the quantity of something, it’s about the quality and the bio-availability for your plants.

We have the cleanest, most stable, and available form of MSA on the market and all of our products contain MSA to improve the uptake of other nutrients.

No. In fact, it lowers it.

Unlike other silica products, PowerSi does not raise the pH of your water. You can run PowerSi in a reservoir for seven days and it stays highly active.